Workshop on Employment and Career Development for the Newly Arrived Afghan Refugees

On Saturday, 27 August 2022 Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education (ERCJ) organized a workshop on employment and career development for the newly arrived Afghan refugees. This workshop was delivered in partnership with Openpages.

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Job Advertisement for The Director Role of the Edmund Rice Centre

About the organisation

The Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education has, for the last 26 years,  challenged popular beliefs and dominant cultural values, asked the difficult questions, and looked at life from the standpoint of the minority, the victim, the outcast and the stranger. As a community of many faith backgrounds and none, our work is built on Catholic Social Teaching principles and Gospel values as we strive for a world in which:

  • The needs of the poor take priority over the wants of the rich;
  • The freedom of the dominated takes priority over the liberty of the powerful; and;
  • The participation of marginalised groups - and of the marginalised earth itself - takes priority over the preservation of an order which excludes them.
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Reconciliation Week 2022

On the evening of the first day of Reconciliation Week 2022, the Edmund Rice Centre, responding to the call BE BRAVE, MAKE CHANGE, commits to promoting a referendum on the #UluruStatement from the Heart. he Uluru Statement is vital as it represents a historic consensus of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders in seeking to recognise First Australians through a Voice to Parliament enshrined in and protected by the Constitution.

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ERC Media Release: Pacific Island Elders React To Albanese Win

Pacific Island Elders and former Heads of State H.E. Anote Tong and Hon. Enele Sopoaga, have reacted to the election of Anthony Albanese as the new Australian Prime Minister.

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ERC Media Release: Urgent End to Fossil Fuel Extraction a Must for Pacific Survival

Torres Strait and Pacific Islander community leaders have responded to the latest climate science report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), highlighting that the urgent end of fossil fuel extraction, including the closure of all coal fired plants by 2040, is needed to ensure the survival of their homelands and cultures.

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