Join campaign to email to your local MP asking them to help end the war in Gaza

As we enter the fourth month of the war in Gaza with more than 25,000 Palestinians killed, thousands of whom are children, we renew our call for an urgent, permanent ceasefire agreement that will put a stop to these atrocities. This must include the return by Hamas and its allies of all hostages still held in Gaza. 

Click HERE to send an email to your local MP either in your own words or the template email provided on the linked page to advocate for strong diplomatic action by the Australian Government to help end the war in Gaza.

Thank you for your support. We request you to share this campaign with your friends, family and networks.


Once again the latest Productivity Commission report on Closing The Gap policy outcomes has shown that governments across the country are failing Indigenous communities by taking a business-as-usual and "government knows best" approach.
The report, released earlier today, accuses the federal government of “weak” action on key areas, not fulfilling its promises and a “disregard” for the suggestions of Indigenous communities. It says efforts to eliminate institutional racism in areas such as justice and health have “received little effort”.
These latest findings are evidence of why a Voice to Parliament in policy development and implementation is so important, and why the Edmund Rice Centre will continue to advocate in partnership with our First Nations brothers and sisters for the fundamental changes needed to ensure a thriving future for all.

Tongan artist and climate activist Uili Lousi at ERC

We were honoured to host Tongan artist and climate activist Uili Lousi at our Centre in Balmain for our first Talanoa in 2024. During the Talanoa (a traditional form of Pacific dialogue), which included participants from Australian Museum, Climate Action Network Australia, and others Uili talked of his journey to activism, his art practice and climate activism in Tonga and internationally. Uili also highlighted his ideas for creative projects that would allow Australia and the Pacific to come together as a region if Australia secured its bid for the 2026 United Nations climate conference (COP31.) Uili talked about some of the important Tongan philosophers and thinkers who had shaped his own thinking and approach including the late Professor Futa Helu (himself a student of the Influential University of Sydney philosopher–John Anderson) and the late Professor Epeli Hau’ofa. It was an honour to be able to host Uili Lousi in Balmain and help to build relationships between Uili and institutions such as the Australian Museum and the Australian climate action network.

Fostering vibrant communities

Last week, The Edmund Rice Centre was honoured to help organize and take part in a heartwarming community gathering for newly arrived refugee families from Afghanistan. The primary goal was to establish connections among these families and lay the foundation for a strong community-based support system. The event was organized in an informal, family, and child-focused manner, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It was truly inspiring to witness the power of community coming together to support those who have recently arrived and are navigating the challenges of a new life.

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On Jan 26 - why truth-telling is at the core of our Australian future

Opinion Piece, ‘Alopi Latukefu, Director Edmund Rice Centre

‘Truth will set us free’. (Book of John 8:32).

As our country prepares to commemorate January 26th 2024 once again as our national day, it is time for a renewed discussion on how and when we celebrate being Australian. This year offers an opportunity to begin a process of healing as a nation following last year’s referendum experience. A renewed approach to truth-telling, which the Uluru Statement from the Heart called for, is much needed in this post-referendum age.

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