Refugee Participants Employment Experience Study

Would you like to share your employment experience and contribute to improving support for refugees and humanitarian entrants in Australia? We are looking for individuals from Syrian, Iraqi, Afghan and Iranian refugee communities in Sydney and Melbourne who have arrived in Australia during the past 10 years. If you choose to participate in this research, your contribution will be anonymous, and you will not be identified in any way in the final research report.

Please click the links to download the Refugee Participants Employment Experience Study Flyers in English, Arabic, or Farsi and Dari.  

PCP MEDIA RELEASE - Friday 18th September 2020

Pacific climate voice in Vatican - ERC applauds Australian Embassy

Human rights organisation, the Edmund Rice Centre, has applauded statements made by Australia's new Ambassador to the Vatican, Chiara Porro, who is supporting calls from Catholic leaders in Oceania for a Synod for the Pacific region.

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Care for our common home

Care for our Common Home - Laudato Si' Webinar

A conversation about how we can participate in shaping the future of the planet. The Chevalier Institute invites you to a webinar conversation – “How does the Pope’s letter, Laudato Si’, deepen and add to our understanding of ecological issues and our capacity to live our spirituality more faithfully?”. The webinar will include input from six key speakers as well as students from our MSC colleges and parishes.


Creation as God's Love Story - Chevalier Institute Webinar

Three short presentations with time for questions and reflections after each section. The Webinar explored the urgently needed wisdom and mandate for our times to live simply and be more attuned to both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor drawing on Laudato Si’ and Querida Amazonia.

ERC Refugee Mentoring Program


Sandreen is one of the young refugees we have been working with over the past two years as part of the Edmund Rice Centre's Refugee Mentoring Program.

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