ERC co-hosted the 2024 AAPS Annual Memorial Epeli Hau’ofa lecture by Reverend James Bhagwan

Last night Edmund Rice Centre, AAPS: The Australian Association for Pacific Studies and Australian Museum had the honour to co-host the 2024 AAPS Annual Memorial Epeli Hau’ofa lecture by Secretary-General of the Pacific Conference of Churches Reverend James Bhagwan. Reverend Bhagwan spoke powerfully about the concept of an ‘Ocean of Peace’ across the Pacific region that would counteract the various forms of colonialism and neo-colonialism that have historically existed and still exist today. In the context of climate change an ‘Ocean of Peace’ would mean a fossil fuel-free Pacific. It would also mean the realisation of all Indigenous peoples’ human rights and self-determination, as well as the honouring of Indigenous values, wisdoms and traditions.
Reverend Bhagwan's lecture covered he challenges facing the Pacific from climate change to increased securitisation and militarisation, as well as human rights abuse and ecological destruction directly tied to overly extractive economic and political systems.
Thank you Reverend James Bhagwan for sharing your wisdom and power with us. We will post a link to the recording of the lecture as soon as it is ready.
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Attn: Those who may have been impacted by the 2014 Department of Immigration and Border Protection data breach ('the data breach')

Norton Rose Fulbright Australia (NRFA) has been appointed as the administrator of the Compensation Assessment Scheme and has requested the Centre assist in their efforts to get those impacted by the Data Breach to understand what occurred and to register with the scheme if they consider they may be  entitled to compensation for loss and damages incurred as a result of the Data Breach.

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Migration Amendment Bill 2024

Last week, the government rushed to introduce the "Migration Amendment (Removal and Other Measures) Bill 2024" to parliament. We acknowledge the great analysis and summation by the UNSW Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law (see Kaldor Centre statement on the migration bill (

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Wishing you a safe and blessed Easter

Easter is a time for hope, reflection and renewal. At the Edmund Rice Centre we acknowledge the injustice, suffering and despair faced by so many in the world. We wish for peace and hope for all at this time of the year, acknowledging the many faith traditions who see this as a period of reflection, renewal, resurrection and rebirth. For those travelling, we wish you safe travels and a restful break.

Sydney Palm Sunday Rally 2024

Yesterday, the Edmund Rice Centre participated in the Palm Sunday Rally, an annual event that holds great significance for our community. This year, our focus was on advocating for a permanent ceasefire in Palestine, a lasting solution for the 10,000 refugees living in limbo for the past 12 years, and urgent action on the climate crisis.
The speakers at the rally highlighted the humanitarian catastrophes in Palestine, including starvation and the bombardment of hospitals, emphasising the urgent need for change. It is disheartening to witness the destruction of the birthplace of Jesus on Palm Sunday, a day that symbolises hope and renewal.
The cruel policies by successive government that have caused immense pain and suffering to refugees seeking safety was stressed. It was a reminder to all that Jesus himself was once a refugee. Palm Sunday commemorates the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, where he was greeted by cheering crowds waving palm branches, according to the Bible.
Let us use this day to reflect on the values of compassion, justice, and peace, and commit to taking meaningful action to address the pressing issues facing our world today.

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