Philanthropy and Corporate Partnerships

The Edmund Rice Centre has formed partnerships with a number of philanthropic trusts, businesses and other organisations over the past 20 years. Together, we have worked to promote social justice, human rights and eco-justice in our society. 

Philanthropic Partnerships

We are open to discussing different options for partnerships with Trusts and Foundations and Private Ancillary Funds, which can lead to ongoing and valuable relationships for the benefit of the people and communities that need support. 

We can provide specific information on a project of interest to donors, whether it is in the area of refugees and asylum seekers, Indigenous Australians or eco-justice.

We have been partnering with Trusts and Foundations for 20 years. 

Corporate Partnerships

The Edmund Rice Centre is grateful for the support of our corporate partners who help ensure that we are able to advocate for social justice, human rights and eco-justice.

Becoming a corporate partner with the Edmund Rice Centre is a rewarding way to highlight your social responsibility. By supporting one of our programs through corporate donations, you are helping make a real and lasting difference showing your staff, investors, stakeholders, customers and prospects that you care about justice.

If you would like information about forming a partnership with the Edmund Rice Centre, please contact 'Alopi Latukefu on (02) 8762 4200 or email [email protected]

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