What we do

The Edmund Rice Centre has identified three priority areas of focus:

  • Indigenous Peoples and Reconciliation
  • Refugees and Asylum Seekers
  • The impact of climate change, especially on our neighbours in the Pacific

In each of our program areas we:

  • Raise awareness about the causes of poverty and injustice and the need for human rights to be respected and advanced
  • Advocate for the needs of groups who are systematically excluded locally and globally
  • Promote social action that engages people in the work for social change

The Centre offers individuals and groups experiential learning opportunities and assists in the development of skills and strategies for effective social change. 

We have developed partnerships with marginalised groups and those involved in human rights, peace and reconciliation processes in the Middle East, Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Europe and South America.


The Edmund Rice Centre conducts a number of programs with four distinct characteristics - research, community education, advocacy and partnerships.

In each program we ensure our work:

  • Begins with a concrete and shared experience that jolts and is based in the real lived experience of people
  • Is consolidated by analysis of the causes of injustice
  • Is grounded by reflection in the light of theology and faith
  • Involves informed action  for justice. 

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