When you leave a bequest in your Will to the Edmund Rice Centre, you help us plan our long-term, advocacy work to promote social justice, human rights and eco-justice. 

A will bequest to the Edmund Rice Centre is a simple way to continue caring, and ensures your passion for a social justice lives on far into the future.

Leaving a percentage of your estate, a sum of money or other assets in your will won’t cost you a cent today but it will have a huge impact on future generations.

We understand that family and friends come first and once you have taken care of your loved ones, please take a moment to consider leaving a bequest in your will to the Edmund Rice Centre. It will make a real and lasting difference.

For more information and to make a bequest, send us an enquiry by email to [email protected] or phone (02) 8762 4200.

All bequest information is held in strictest confidence.

Wording your Will

Below is the most effective wording to include a bequest to ERC in your will. Please take this with you when you visit your solicitor.

I give ________* to the Trustees of the Christian Brothers (ABN 64 066 939 786), 126 The Avenue, Parkville VIC 3052, for the purposes of the Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education, free of (or after payment of) all duties and taxes payable upon or in consequence of my death. I declare that a receipt issued by the Director of the Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education shall be a sufficient discharge for the executor(s) or trustee.

*insert either:

  • The whole (or ...%) of the residue of my estate.
  • The whole (or ...%) of my estate.
  • The sum of $ (amount).
  • (Details of a particular asset — such as shares or property).

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