Australia and the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. What will it mean?

A Perspective from a Hazara Asylum Seeker from Afghanistan

With the expected departure of US and Australian forces from Afghanistan, it is seems that the country is returning to the era of the brutal Taliban regime. To sit with the Taliban now, after fighting them for 20 years is not only accepting their regime but also giving them legitimacy. This begs the question whether war was a means to testing heavy and modern weapons on a vulnerable and defenceless people.

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ERC Media Release - Thursday 15th April 2021

Edmund Rice Centre calls on Australian PM Scott Morrison to #StepUp4ThePacific at Biden Climate Summit 

Several leading Australian and Pacific not-for-profit organisations, including the Edmund Rice Centre, have jointly called on Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison today to step up Australia’s climate action targets ahead of the Biden Climate Summit to be held on 22 April. 

The organisations, also including the Pacific Conference of Churches, Oxfam Australia, Greenpeace Australia Pacific and the Climate Council, commissioned a full-page advertisement in the Australian Financial Review (AFR) urging Mr Morrison to ensure that Australian “emissions plummet to well below half of their current levels this decade”. 

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ERC Media Release - Thursday 11th March 2021

It’s time for all communities to speak up for indigenous voice and dignity!

Edmund Rice Centre director, Mr Phil Glendenning AM has today issued a call for Australian communities that share a thirst for building right relations.
We are living in a time when so many societal injustices are being named and addressed in an effort to set right the underlying problems and preconceptions that sustain them. In many ways this is exciting and gives us hope for a better society. And yet time and again our nation has passed up on opportunities to take the first structural step to set right the injustices against the original peoples of these lands which today we call Australia.

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Australian Political And Religious Leaders Support Pacific Open Letter To PM Scott Morrison

Political and religious leaders in Australia have come out in strong support of today’s Open Letter from fifteen Pacific leaders to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, asking him to take urgent climate action ahead of the United Nations (UN) Climate Ambition Summit on 12 December 2020.

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Refugee Participants Employment Experience Study

Would you like to share your employment experience and contribute to improving support for refugees and humanitarian entrants in Australia? We are looking for individuals from Syrian, Iraqi, Afghan and Iranian refugee communities in Sydney and Melbourne who have arrived in Australia during the past 10 years. If you choose to participate in this research, your contribution will be anonymous, and you will not be identified in any way in the final research report.

Please click the links to download the Refugee Participants Employment Experience Study Flyers in English, Arabic, or Farsi and Dari.  

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