Dear Supporters of the Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education

Considering recent events in Israel and Gaza, we express our deep solidarity and compassion for all victims of this conflict - both Israelis and Palestinians. We also call on an immediate stop to the siege on Gaza by the Israeli government to allow humanitarian aid to innocent Palestinian people, as well as the unconditional, immediate release of the hostages held by Hamas.

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After 12 years in fear of being returned to danger Zaki has permanent protection in Australia

Zaki Haidari, our former Refguee Volunteer and prominent refugee advocate has received his permanent protection status in Australia - affording him the protections Australia provides as a signatory to the Refugee Convention (1951) and other international instruments.

However, the journey is not over for many thousands of people who remain in limbo in Australia without a pathway to permanent settlement . The Edmund Rice Centre is committed to standing shoulder to shoulder with refugees and people seeking asylum in their ongoing struggles for dignity and safety.

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Community sector joint statement of support for the Voice

The Statement
Over six years ago, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander delegates ‘from all points of the Southern sky’ gathered together and crafted the Uluru Statement from the Heart. They invited us to walk with them in a ‘movement of the Australian people for a better future’.

As representatives of the community sector, we stand ready to accept the generous invitation from First Nations peoples and take the next step towards that better future.

We will be saying ‘Yes’ at the referendum on October 14th, and we call on you to join us on this journey.

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Introducing the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

We have joined a group of Pacific nations, the European Parliament, the World Health Organisation & thousands of others in calling for an international #FossilFuelTreaty. Learn more & join us at . Pacific Calling Partnership

Reconnecting with partners in Kiribati for climate justice

This month saw our first visit in 4 years to Kiribati, where we had the opportunity to reconnect with our partners Kiribati Climate Action Network, Tungaru Climate Alliance and Tungaru Youth Action. We also had the honour of working closely with 22 awesome emerging I-Kiribati climate leaders (pictured below) building on their leadership and advocacy skills. On this occasion Edmund Rice Community Services Executive Director Andree Brown joined us on our visit to better understand our work. In Andree's words: "Thank you again for a very enlightening and enjoyable week. Such privilege to have the community open up to us the way they did. A real treasure to hold." Ko Raba Kiribati. Thank you to each and everyone of you for partnering with us to work towards climate justice for all. Ninikoria to all of us! (Ninikoria is Courage in I-Kiribati).

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