Our Purpose


The Pacific Calling Partnership (PCP) exists in response to Pacific Island calls for solidarity in the face of climate change.

Science tells us that atolls such as Kiribati and Tuvalu will become uninhabitable within the next 30 years due to the impacts of climate change.

Our purpose is to empower individuals and communities in these low-lying Pacific nations to advocate for climate action and climate justice, as well as create/facilitate opportunities to enhance their voice within Australia and internationally.

What We Do:

Pacific Climate Leadership Training/Mentoring

  • The PCP builds the capacity of Pacific Island communities to advocate for climate action and climate justice through training and mentoring programs conducted in Australia and in the Pacific. This includes our annual Kiribati-Australia-Tuvalu Exchange Program (KATEP).

Community Awareness within Australia

  • The PCP raises awareness in Australia of how climate change is affecting Pacific Islands through talks and workshops. Click here for more details.
  • In partnership with our local Pacific networks, the PCP also strives to maximise media coverage of key events such as the recent Pacific Islands Forum held in Tuvalu in August 2019.


  • The PCP promotes Pacific Island communities' participation at international conferences such as the recent Madrid United Nations Climate Conference (COP25). At these forums, the PCP supports, and works with, Pacific delegates, in order to pressure governments to progress climate action and climate justice.
  • Within Australia, the PCP also organises and facilitates regular meetings between Pacific climate leaders and Australian Parliamentarians (both Federal and State) across the political spectrum.

The PCP often collaborates with key individuals, governments and organisations in Australia and internationally. If you have an idea for collaboration, please contact our Coordinator, Corinne Fagueret, at [email protected]

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