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Pacific Calling Partnership Workshops and Talks

Since 2006, the Pacific Calling Partnership has been taking steps to ensure that the voice of Pacific Islands on climate change is heard loud and clear in the Australian and global community. In our workshops we aim to share the experience of the impacts of climate change on our Pacific neighbours.

The Pacific Calling Partnership team deliver workshops and talks on a number of topics, including:

  • Impacts of climate change on Pacific Islands
  • Climate Justice in the Pacific: climate change as a human rights issue
  • Cross cultural awareness: differences between Pacific and Australian cultures

PCP workshops and talks are suitable for parish groups, community groups and schools.

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The PCP has a number of experienced team members who facilitate workshops and deliver talks.



Maria Tiimon Chi-fang

Maria Tiimon Chi-fang works as Pacific Outreach Project Officer for the Pacific Calling Partnership and comes from the island nation of Kiribati right on the equator in the Pacific and one of the places in our region most at risk from the effects of climate change.

Maria presents the face of climate affected communities that have few resources to adapt. Maria is working to build links between Pacific Island Migrant Communities and the PCP, and to increase their awareness of how climate change is affecting islands in the Pacific.

In the time that she has been with the PCP Maria has made a huge impact on all who have met her. She combines a care for the future of her own people with a generous and graceful concern to bring people gradually and positively to an understanding of the kinds of decisions industrialised societies need to make if we are to extend the amount of time her people can continue to live on their islands.




Jill Finnane

Jill coordinates the Edmund Rice Centre’s Eco Justice campaign and the Pacific Calling Partnership. Jill helped establish the PCP in 2006 and has a background in fair trade and sustainable development.

Jill has helped the PCP develop a vibrant team of people dedicated to ensuring that the voices of the Pacific are heard more clearly both within the global community and the Australian community. Jill has been part of many delegations to Kiribati and Tuvalu, as well as many international conferences on climate change and small island developing states. Jill is a trained facilitator.

Previously, Jill worked with Action for World Development as a community educator on sustainable development. She is a permaculture practitioner and teacher of permaculture which she has taught in Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Australia. She has written two books:'When You Grow Up' which she co-authored with an Australian Indigenous woman, Constance Nungala McDonald and 'Lawns in to Lunch' which is about ordinary people growing food in the city and she has contributed a chapter to ‘Permaculture Pioneers’ and ‘City Permaculture1’ and ‘City Permaculture2’ . Jill is a strong believer in the importance of creating space for Pacific Island voices to be heard, and the value of working in partnership with Pacific communities.



Vincent Sicari

Vincent Sicari works as Project Officer for the Pacific Calling Partnership and has a background as a Conservation Architect with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and the NSW Government Architect’s Office.

Through the PCP, Vincent has worked with Pacific Island communities that have few resources to adapt to climate change. Together with Maria Tiimon Chi-Fang, Vincent is working to build links between Pacific Island Migrant Communities with the Partnership, and to increase awareness in the Australian community of how Climate Change is affecting islands in the Pacific.

Vincent participates in a number of environmental and heritage organisations such as the Climate Council and the Global Catholic Climate Movement and is a member of the International Council of Monuments and Sites. He is committed to the promotion of a sustainable world and action on climate change that respects the distinct contributions that different cultures make to the world community. He has developed expertise relating to the challenges confronting the vulnerable people of the global south and especially the Pacific Islands.

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