The Kiribati Australia Tuvalu Exchange Program (KATEP)



The Kiribati Australia Tuvalu Exchange Program (KATEP) is a climate leadership and skills development program run by the Pacific Calling Partnership in partnership with the Kiribati Climate Action Network (KiriCAN) and the Tuvalu Climate Action Network (TuCAN).

Launched in 2014, KATEP is designed to develop the confidence and climate advocacy skills of young Pacific leaders by improving knowledge and skills through formal training and practical advocacy opportunities. 

As part of the program, participants selected by KiriCAN and TuCAN come to Australia from Kiribati and Tuvalu to receive training in climate change advocacy, leadership skills, storytelling and public speaking. Participants are also given the opportunity to meet Australian politicians and encourage them to support strong, effective and urgent action to address climate change.

The program is currently on hold due to COVID-related international travel restrictions.  You can access more detail about past activities by reading our Kiribati Australia Tuvalu Exchange Program (KATEP) 2017 report.

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