National Apology Day

On this day sixteen years ago then Prime Minister Hon. Kevin Rudd delivered a national apology to the stolen generations. This moment was historic and profoundly touching not only for members of the stolen generations but for all Australians as the nation publicly acknowledged our hidden and painful past.
Since then, however, progress has been painfully slow and today comes with mixed emotions for many First Nations men and women across this land. The defeat of The Voice Referendum and, more recently, the release of a report highlighting the slow progress of Closing the Gap policies, should weigh heavily on all Australians. Disadvantage and lack of progress against the basic measures of the Closing The Gap strategy is not only a failure of policy but a stain on our record as a nation. We stand in solidarity with our First Nations brothers and sisters on this important day and hope that we can learn from our past to build a better future.

Reflections from Fr Claude

First Sunday of Lent

Today we find rich symbols of God's presence and care for the earth and all upon it. The ‘bow in the clouds’ signifies God's covenant of peace with all creation. The Noah myth also depicts a God who desires the flourishing of life on Earth. This story is one of re-creation where things are put together again by healing and reconciliation. The hovering ‘dove’ bids us come ashore in peace; to cease from our forgetfulness; to end the violence - whether in our bedrooms, workplaces, community, nation, or between nations.

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Join campaign to email to your local MP asking them to help end the war in Gaza

As we enter the fourth month of the war in Gaza with more than 25,000 Palestinians killed, thousands of whom are children, we renew our call for an urgent, permanent ceasefire agreement that will put a stop to these atrocities. This must include the return by Hamas and its allies of all hostages still held in Gaza. 

Click HERE to send an email to your local MP either in your own words or the template email provided on the linked page to advocate for strong diplomatic action by the Australian Government to help end the war in Gaza.

Thank you for your support. We request you to share this campaign with your friends, family and networks.

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