Updated position on war in Gaza

As we enter the fourth month of the war in Gaza and in light of the almost 25,000 Palestinians killed, thousands of whom are children, the Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education renews its call for an urgent ceasefire agreement that will put a stop to these atrocities. 

This conflict has been driven by extremists on both sides, but we are of the firm belief that ordinary Israeli and Palestinian peoples have the same dream: living in peace and security.

History teaches us that violence begets violence and radicalisation. We believe that peace, security and justice for all are the only conditions where safety and prosperity can be secured for both Israelis and Palestinians. 

To this end: 

  • We reiterate our deep solidarity with, and compassion for, all victims of this conflict – Palestinians and Israelis. 
  • We are appalled by the disproportionate and tragic impacts on the Palestinian civilian population in Gaza and their basic human rights.
  • We renew our call for an urgent ceasefire agreement that will secure: 
    • an end to the violence being carried out by the Israeli Defence Forces in Gaza.
    • the immediate supply of humanitarian aid to Gaza to restore the basic human rights of its citizens.
    • the return to Israel of all remaining hostages held by Hamas and its allies; and
    • the resumption of diplomatic efforts towards lasting peace and a two-state solution.  
  • We urge the Government of Israel to abandon its war in Gaza, which will only result in more trauma, hatred, and radicalisation; work with the international community to secure a ceasefire agreement; reverse its support for illegal settlements in the West Bank; and resume talks towards a two-state solution. 
  • We urge Hamas and those in position of power in Gaza to ensure the return of all remaining hostages safely to their homes and families without further delay; work with the international community to secure a ceasefire agreement; recognise the right of Israel to exist; and resume talks along with Al Fatah towards a two-state solution.
  • We further call on the international community and our global leaders, including our Australian leaders, to use whatever diplomatic means are available to them to put an end to this conflict and secure a commitment to a two-state solution. 

Australia must not be a passive observer of this pointless bloodshed and must use every diplomatic measure it has at its disposal to end it. 

Click here to send an email to your local MP either in your own words or the template email provided urging them to advocate for strong diplomatic action by the Australian Government to help end the war in Gaza.

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