Justice Reflections From Fr. Claude

There is nothing remote about Jesus’ resurrection. He comes among us in concrete ways – through flesh and blood and touch. It is bodily. God cares about our bodies and our planet - especially those bearing wounds and scars. Where flesh and bone do not convince, Jesus asks for food. At the heart of the Christian story is the claim that God’s love is expressed in the most intimate way possible - by becoming one of us. By being embedded in the human, God is always present wherever we are – present in us. It is also how God gets into the world. God revels in physicality and it is through our bodies that we express our faith. In all his resurrection appearances, Jesus shows the scars that mar his body.

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Conversation with Rev James Bhagwan: Climate and Faith in the Pacific

In this webinar, Reverend James Bhagwan, General Secretary of the Pacific Conference of Churches, explored the role of faith and church in the climate crisis.  Reverend Bhagwan joined us as part of his stay in Australia for the Epeli Hau'ofa Annual Public Lecture co-hosted this year by the Edmund Rice Centre, the Australian Association for Pacific Studies (AAPS) and the Australian Museum.

ERC co-hosted the 2024 AAPS Annual Memorial Epeli Hau’ofa lecture by Reverend James Bhagwan

Last night Edmund Rice Centre, AAPS: The Australian Association for Pacific Studies and Australian Museum had the honour to co-host the 2024 AAPS Annual Memorial Epeli Hau’ofa lecture by Secretary-General of the Pacific Conference of Churches Reverend James Bhagwan. Reverend Bhagwan spoke powerfully about the concept of an ‘Ocean of Peace’ across the Pacific region that would counteract the various forms of colonialism and neo-colonialism that have historically existed and still exist today. In the context of climate change an ‘Ocean of Peace’ would mean a fossil fuel-free Pacific. It would also mean the realisation of all Indigenous peoples’ human rights and self-determination, as well as the honouring of Indigenous values, wisdoms and traditions.
Reverend Bhagwan's lecture covered he challenges facing the Pacific from climate change to increased securitisation and militarisation, as well as human rights abuse and ecological destruction directly tied to overly extractive economic and political systems.
Thank you Reverend James Bhagwan for sharing your wisdom and power with us. We will post a link to the recording of the lecture as soon as it is ready.
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