On Jan 26 - why truth-telling is at the core of our Australian future

Opinion Piece, ‘Alopi Latukefu, Director Edmund Rice Centre

‘Truth will set us free’. (Book of John 8:32).

As our country prepares to commemorate January 26th 2024 once again as our national day, it is time for a renewed discussion on how and when we celebrate being Australian. This year offers an opportunity to begin a process of healing as a nation following last year’s referendum experience. A renewed approach to truth-telling, which the Uluru Statement from the Heart called for, is much needed in this post-referendum age.

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Updated position on war in Gaza

As we enter the fourth month of the war in Gaza and in light of the almost 25,000 Palestinians killed, thousands of whom are children, the Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education renews its call for an urgent ceasefire agreement that will put a stop to these atrocities. 

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Justice Reflections From Fr. Claude

Third Sunday of the Year

The presence of the incarnate word

shines at the heart of all creation.

Teilhard de Chardin sj

The readings from Jonah and Mark call us to widen our horizons and reset our priorities. We see that people designated outsiders, even enemies, can be more ready to recognize and respond to God than those who consider themselves God’s People. The call is to be open to the wisdom and goodness of those designated different.

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