Meritocracy-……How Fair is the ‘Fair Go’

‘Meritocracy’, first coined in 1958, is a social system where advancement in society is based on one’s abilities and merits rather than on the basis of family, wealth or social background. Coupled with capitalism and egalitarian values, it has allowed people from low status groups to dream of improving their social status, economic class, and place in the hierarchy. The impression is that everyone can succeed if they develop the necessary abilities. Meritocracy and equality of opportunity are championed by all kinds of politicians to achieve a fair society. People want to believe they live in a ‘fair’ society where hard work can achieve anything, regardless of their social position at birth. This is simply not true.

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2019 Community Services Expo

2019 Community Services Expo
Connecting Communities to Services
Tuesday 6 August 2019

Please click the link below to download the event flyer.

2019 Community Services Expo Flyer

First Peoples Dialogue Forum, City of Sydney

Darryl Cronin of the Edmund Rice Centre is working with the City of Sydney’s community engagement team to engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Sustainable Sydney 2050 strategic planning process. 

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