People's movements shaping the future of globalisation

Volume 9 Number 4

Globalisation is a contentious and uncertain process. It has been hailed by some as both beneficial and inevitable. Critics have responded by joining large people’s movements, sometimes called the ‘anti-globalisation’ movement. These very different responses make it difficult to work out exactly what globalisation is, how it impacts on people’s lives and how people, communities and governments can shape it in the future.



West Papua: The Conflict for Rights

2006 - Volume 9 Number 3

The West Papuan people have been engaged in a long conflict with the Indonesian government over self determination, control of resources and increasing environmental degradation.



Kakuma Refugee Camp: A Humanitarian Crisis in Progress

2006 - Volume 9 Number 2

The notorious Kakuma Refugee Camp is located in Northern Kenya, an arid, drought-affected region populated by the nomadic Turkana people. The population of the camp is made up of nine nationalities and dozens of ethnic groups, although the majority are refugees from fighting in the Sudan and Somalia.



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