Human Rights – the Essence of Democracy

“The Edmund Rice Centre (ERC) welcomes the Report from the National Human Rights Consultation Committee,” said Dr. John Sweeney, who co-ordinates the Centre's research.

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Edmund Rice Centre calls for climate change debate to go beyond emissions targets only, as Kiribati visit begins

Edmund Rice Centre (ERC) issued a call today for the people of the Pacific whose lives are daily affected by the impact of climate change and rising sea levels, not to be excluded when the world gathers in Copenhagen in December. 

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Copenhagen: A Peoples' Preparation - Across Rising Waters

Climate change advocates from within church groups in Australia are heading for the Pacific island nation of Kiribati to strategise with colleagues there, on how they will communicate the plight of the people of Kiribati at the UN Climate Change Summit when the two groups travel to Copenhagen together in December.

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