Refugee Participants Employment Experience Study

Would you like to share your employment experience and contribute to improving support for refugees and humanitarian entrants in Australia? We are looking for individuals from Syrian, Iraqi, Afghan and Iranian refugee communities in Sydney and Melbourne who have arrived in Australia during the past 10 years. If you choose to participate in this research, your contribution will be anonymous, and you will not be identified in any way in the final research report.

Please click the links to download the Refugee Participants Employment Experience Study Flyers in English, Arabic, or Farsi and Dari.  

Justice Reflections From Fr. Claude Mostowik

Thirtieth Sunday of the Year

In Matthew’s Gospel, at the intersection of two approaches to law, Jesus boldly faces the lawyers out to trip him up by reducing all 613 commandments in Israelite law to one word: love. It must have been a shock to have studies, argued, made applications and even nit-picked to have these 613 commandments reduced to one word and move God's law from a courtroom setting to the street of practical living.

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Universal Basic Income - Building a new future

It would seem that most people would prefer a society based on care rather than profit and yearn for work that serves their higher needs. We need to acknowledge that a hunger for respect, love, generosity and a sense of higher purpose to their lives is something many theories overlook.

Download this Just Comment in pdf and word.

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