Justice Reflections From Fr. Claude

Third Sunday of the Year

The presence of the incarnate word

shines at the heart of all creation.

Teilhard de Chardin sj

The readings from Jonah and Mark call us to widen our horizons and reset our priorities. We see that people designated outsiders, even enemies, can be more ready to recognize and respond to God than those who consider themselves God’s People. The call is to be open to the wisdom and goodness of those designated different.

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Human Rights Watch World Report 2024

Human Rights Watch has issued a stark warning in its 2024 World Report! The global Human Rights system is facing increasing pressure and challenge to its effectiveness as nations prioritize transactional relationships and individual national interest over a principled, human rights-informed approach to diplomacy.
It's disheartening to witness the undermining of the very foundation that upholds our shared values and principles. Human rights should transcend borders, politics, and self-interest. Compromising on the universal rights and dignity that every individual deserves is not in the interests of humanitarianism or humanity generally.
We should urge leaders to prioritize human rights in their diplomatic engagements and stand united in advocating for a world where justice, fairness, and compassion prevail.
Delve into the details here to explore further insights in the report provided by Human Rights Watch.

Second Sunday of ordinary time

Two disciples ask Jesus, “Where are you staying?” It is followed by an invitation, “Come, and you will see.” Open your eyes and respond! In today’s first reading, a number of verses are omitted. Why? The reading omits the warning that Eli’s house will fall because his sons, who are priests, were corrupt and nothing done to stop them. Hearing God’s message, Samuel overcomes his fear of telling his caretaker and benefactor that he must find his prophetic voice.

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