Justice Reflections From Fr. Claude

Twentieth Sunday of the Year

Today’s gospel passage takes us into uncomfortable territory. Journeying from the land of Pharisees to the land of Canaanites, a woman - a Gentile, and an enemy -  forces Jesus to respond to the ‘bigness’ of God. Through a series of encounters with people, Pope Francis has in many ways reflected to us at the World Youth Day, and elsewhere of the wide embrace of God. No one is excluded which Pope Francis reminds us of when he says, ‘all are welcome.’ There are no exceptions. In Isaiah, God says, “‘I will bring foreigners to my holy mountain. I will make them joyful in my house of prayer, says the Lord, ‘for my house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples’”. 

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A conversation with the Justice through the Arts Ambassador, author, and screenwriter Melina Marchetta.

A Juster(ER) Generation is a podcast series from the Edmund Rice Centre about conversations that matter.

In this episode ‘Alopi talks to long time Justice through the Arts Ambassador, author, screenwriter and many other things Melina Marchetta. Melina speaks to her journey to social justice and why the arts are an important way to raise awareness but also advance outcomes in social Justice.


ERC supports the Larrakia people and the people of Darwin to protect Larrakia country and Australia’s heritage

Under the leadership of Dr Darryl Cronin, the Edmund Rice Centre is working in support of Eric Fejo, a senior Larrakia traditional owner in Darwin. Read his statement presented to Parliament House in Canberra on August 8, asking all to support the Larrakia and the people of Darwin and the Northern Territory who want to protect the natural and cultural environment of Australia.


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