Misstatement: "We need to build more coal power plants and keep existing plants open…coal is cheaper than renewable energy and better for jobs."

Some points:

People across Australia are leading the way by installing solar panels on roofs and doing everything they can to reduce their use of electricity and their carbon footprint.

Many of Australia’s coal fired power plants are coming to the end of their life cycle. Energy companies need to work out what energy sources will be used to replace these ageing plants – will they build new coal power plants, or invest in wind, solar and other renewable technology, along with battery storage?

Unfortunately, politicians’ decisions (or lack of decisions) are making it virtually impossible for companies to make investment decisions. Energy companies aren’t replacing ageing, inefficient power plants because they don’t know what policies will be implemented by our politicians. And that’s why electricity prices are going up.

And it’s important to note that it will be cheaper to replace ageing coal power plants with renewable energy sources such as wind, solar. Lower investment costs means lower electricity prices for people across Australia.

Businesses and unions have also made clear they want to see a just transition towards a clean and sustainable economy. There is a real opportunity to create new jobs in renewable energy industries such as solar and wind. If we invest in higher education – universities and TAFE – we can build a skilled workforce capable of taking advantage of these new opportunities. It’s now time for the Government to act.

For more information:

CSIRO, “Wind, solar, coal and gas to reach similar costs by 2030: report”


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