Migration Amendment Bill 2024

Last week, the government rushed to introduce the "Migration Amendment (Removal and Other Measures) Bill 2024" to parliament. We acknowledge the great analysis and summation by the UNSW Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law (see Kaldor Centre statement on the migration bill (unsw.edu.au)

The bill covers the following key points:
👎🏽 This legislation criminalizes individuals for failing to cooperate with removal efforts, broadens the Minister's authority to reverse protection findings, and permits the imposition of travel bans on entire nations.
👎🏽 The bill specifically targets unlawful non-citizens, holders of Bridging (Removal Pending) visas, Bridging (General) visa holders, and potentially other non-citizens as outlined in the Migration Regulations.
👎🏽 Failure to comply with a removal direction could lead to mandatory imprisonment, substantial fines, or both, with no consideration given to the risk of persecution or other serious harm.
The Edmund Rice Centre is deeply concerned about the extensive and vaguely defined powers the Minister would receive under this bill. To that end we recommend the following positions:
✅ That the bill not be rammed through the parliament but be given the necessary time for debate
✅That the bill be referred to the appropriate committees of review to ensure that it is consistent with Australia’s international obligations and has appropriate safeguards to protect from executive overreach.
✅ That individuals with valid protection claims are not forced to return to life threatening situations.

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