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Deported to Danger Update - The Responsibility to Protect - 10 July 2017

This report is the continuation of ERC’s determination to investigate Australia’s most recent deportations to Afghanistan by providing an overview of Afghanistan’s current security, political, and socio-economic situation, the drivers and trends of migration, and the returnees’ experience, compiled from both primary and secondary sources.

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Asylum Seekers and Refugees Education Resource 2017 Edition now available - 22 June 2017

The 2017 Edition of our Asylum Seekers and Refugees Education Resource is now available for download. The resource contained over 40 cross-curricular activities to help students to think about the complex issue of asylum seekers and refugees with compassion and thus to engage the heart as well as the mind in this critically important issue.

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Another day - another attack on refugees by Peter Dutton - 21 May 2017

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has today launched yet another unfair and extreme attack on refugees and people seeking asylum. 

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