When you leave a bequest in your Will to the Edmund Rice Centre, you help us plan our long-term, advocacy work to promote social justice, human rights and eco-justice. 

A will bequest to the Edmund Rice Centre is a simple way to continue caring, and ensures your passion for a social justice lives on far into the future.

Leaving a percentage of your estate, a sum of money or other assets in your will won’t cost you a cent today but it will have a huge impact on future generations.

We understand that family and friends come first and once you have taken care of your loved ones, please take a moment to consider leaving a bequest in your will to the Edmund Rice Centre. It will make a real and lasting difference.

For more information and to make a bequest, send us an enquiry by email to or phone (02) 8762 4200.

All bequest information is held in strictest confidence.

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