World Environment Day

On World Environment Day 2024, our Senior Manager Advocacy and Research Corinne Fagueret has shared some of her thoughts below. But what are your reflections about World Environment Day? What are your thoughts, feelings and hopes? We'd love you to share on our Facebook page.
"Today is World Environment Day and I'm pretty sure i'm not the only one who believes that human beings , especially those of us living completely unsustainable, privileged lives in the Global North, are not at all where we should be in terms of our relationship with nature. Not only are we not anywhere near living sustainable lives that won't rob other species as well as our own future generations, but from where I sit, we' re not even having the right discussions about it. There is no doubt that an urgent transition from fossil fuels to renewables is absolutely critical but I can't help wondering- are we just replacing one problem with another? As well as being an energy crisis, the climate crisis is fundamentally a crisis of values- Greed v contentment, individualism v. Interconnectedness, profit v.the common good, infinite growth v. Finite resources. My hope for this World Environment Day is for a revolution of values."

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