The approaching Federal Election has engendered much publicity. As Australians and as Christians, we are challenged to reflect on some of the values and issues we want our country to consider as we face this particular period in our history.

NetAct has prepared these reflection sheets in response to a number of current discussions. It seems that the human and Christian dimensions of these issues are often ignored in the ongoing debate and political wrangling. This is of particular concern in the current climate when conviction politics has been replaced by retail politics. Many are asking, not what are the values that underpin our decisions, but what sells most effectively and will be of greatest benefit to the individual. The recent budget is a classic example of this development.

To counter retail politics, the NetAct Kit invites communities to reflect on issues from the perspective of our humanity and our faith, rather than the from standpoint of political rhetoric. We hope that it will engender new conversations. If you believe that it would be helpful, would you kindly distribute this Kit to your communities with an encouragement that it be distributed to parish, social justice and educational groups, discussed in community and social justice gatherings, or shared with friends.

Yours gratefully,

Jan Barnett rsj

On behalf of the NetAct Committee
(Claude Mostowik msc, Karen Oxley jjn, Susan Connelly rsj, Suzette Clark rsc

Download Link: NetAct Kit

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