Responding to misstatements about Immigration, Refugees, Culture and Religion

Key Points:

  • Australians have always prided ourselves on a fair go for all. That’s a good thing so let’s make it that way for people seeking asylum and refugees;
  • Throughout history, people have moved to make life better for themselves and their families, and often they have risked everything;
  • If we feared for our life, or our family, we’d like to know that others would help us to safety;
  • We’re facing an unprecedented crisis – more people are displaced that at any time since World War II. That’s why it’s important to create fair processes to assess each person’s case for protection in a safe space; and
  • People who’ve come to Australia, whether as refugees or immigrants, are just looking for a chance to build their lives in our communities. They contribute to our culture and community and we’re all the better for having them here. 

Common misstatements:

"Muslims are terrorists...Muslims support terrorism...Muslims don't speak out against terrorism..." Read our suggested response. 

"Refugees and immigrants are taking our jobs…our cities are full, we can’t take any more people." Read our suggested response. 

"Asylum seekers get more government assistance than pensioners." Read our suggested response. 

"Boat people are illegal immigrants...or economic migrants....or queue jumpers" Read our suggested response. 

"The boats have stopped and this saves lives at sea." Read our suggested response.

"If we bring refugees on Manus and Nauru to Australia, or take up the NZ resettlement offer, the boats will just start again." Read our suggested response.

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