Misstatement: “Renewable energy is too unreliable and will cause blackouts….what happens when it’s not sunny and there’s no wind.”

Some points:

Research consistently shows that renewable energy is reliable and capable of providing baseload power. The key is to get a mix of renewable sources, including wind, solar, hydro and geothermal. It’s also important to remember that, even on a cloudy day, solar energy can still be generated.

We already generate enough renewable electricity to power almost 4 million homes. Austria generates 68 per cent of its total electricity from renewable sources, while Sweden generates 67 per cent of its electricity from renewables.

People across Australia are also leading the way by installing solar panels on roofs and putting power back into the grid.

Recent blackouts have not caused by renewable energy sources, but by damage done to the poles and wires and by the lack of investment to replace ageing and inefficient power plants. Energy companies aren’t making these investments because they are uncertain about Governments are doing and what the policy parameters will be.

For more information:

CSIRO, “Renewable Energy Integration Centre”


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