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Support Sadoullah Malakooti - Donate

A few days before Easter, Abdul Karim Hekmat got a call from Sadoullah Malakooti. Malakooti is seeking asylum in our community. His voice was breaking. He said the Department of Home Affairs had cut his Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) payment. This is the money that pays for rent and food and everything else for himself and his three young daughters while he awaits a final decision on their visas. “I was looking forward to take my children for a short holiday in the Easter,” he said with a hoarse voice. “Now I have no money to do anything.”

Abdul wrote about Sadoullah's situation in last weekend's Saturday paper. Read more here.

We have been asked by friends of Sadoullah to accept donations on behalf of him and his family. We are collecting donations which will be passed on in full to Sadoullah and his family. 

Donate by credit card by filling in the form on this page. For information about donating by cheque or bank transfer click here.