Settlement Cities Report: A Place-Based Study of Australia’s Major Refugee Settlement Destinations

The Edmund Rice Centre is proud to present the Settlement Cities Report, a major new report by the Edmund Rice Centre about the settlement experiences of refugees in Australia. The report takes a place-based approach to refugee settlement, focusing on the LGAs where refugees most frequently settle in Australia.

Based on in-depth qualitative interviews and focus groups with refugees and local service providers, the report highlights:

  • the aspirations, achievements and challenges refugees experience when settling in Australia
  • how refugees feel about the places they now live in
  • refugee experiences of community and belonging
  • challenges and strategies for equitable access to local services

The report draws attention to the major contribution ethno-specific community associations and networks make to helping new refugee arrivals settle more quickly and easily in Australia. It calls for improved government funding for and engagement with small ethno-specific community associations to support and enhance the crucial work they do. Another major contribution is the report’s case-study based discussion of best practices in inclusive service delivery based on the experience of Settlement Cities and its recommendations for approaches to fostering more consistently inclusive service-delivery in areas that settle large numbers of refugees.


The report is available to download here

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