Responding to the world of Trump, Brexit and Hanson

It's been a challenging year. The US has elected a President after a campaign based on racism, anti-intellectualism, misogyny and truth distortion. The Brits have rejected their neighbourhood; and across Europe, a wave of hyper-nationalist politicians is threatening to splinter the EU.

Here at  homethe re-emergence of the One Nation party points to a shift in Australia that echoes the international movement in the Western world that seeks to put up walls between peoples rather than build bridges.

What do we do from here? The role of non-government advocacy organisations has never been more important. But the business as usual approach will not be enough. 

That's why, in partnership with a number of like-minded organisations, we are drawing up plans for how we respond. 

But we also want to hear your views. If you have ideas about how organisations like the Edmund Rice Cente can respond to the world of Trump, Brexit and Hanson, complete the form below. We'd love to hear from you!