First Nations Resilience Stories

As part of our research, we talked with people across Australia in metropolitan, regional and remote areas. Each story is an example of how local Aboriginal leaders have responded to issues and concerns in their communities and in doing so have strengthened resilience and achieved a level of self-determination.

Language Revitalisation: Muurrbay Aboriginal Language & Culture Co-op

Gumbaynggirr people in Nabucca Heads reclaimed their language and established an organisation to teach their language as well as support and revitalise other Aboriginal languages in the Northern Rivers, Mid North Coast and Central Coast of New South Wales. Reclaiming language has strengthen cultural identity and has been a catalyst for other cultural expressions and practices.

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Mabu Liyan: The basis of Yawuru Resilience

The recognition of their native title rights has enabled the Yawuru people in Broome, Western Australia to rebuild their social and cultural structures to support family and community, look after country and create an economic future for themselves. Underpinning their aspiration to creating their future is the philosophy of “mabu liyan”.

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Link-Up (QLD): Reconnecting our People with their Mob

Stolen generation children were denied their identity, culture and language and their connection to families, community and country was taken from them. Link Up (QLD) provides a safe protective environment to reconnect stolen generation people to their family, community and country.

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Gubinge: A Cultural and Economic Enterprise

Aboriginal families in the Kimberley region of Western Australia harvest the gubinge fruit that grows in the wild to sell to international health and cosmetic companies.  There is potential to create a native fruits and plant industry as demands grows enabling Aboriginal families to undertake cultural and economic activities on their country. 

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Reclaiming our history and voice:  Cherbourg Ration Shed Historical and Cultural Precinct

Cherbourg community in Queensland reclaimed their history by telling stories of life under the Queensland government’s protection and assimilation policies. Buildings that were once the site of fear, punishment, control, grief and loss were renovated and turned into a museum to reflect a positive community spirit and identity forged through adversity and hope. 

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