Prayer for Sri Lanka after the bombings on Easter Sunday

God of peace, we come to You in our shock and sadness. We grieve this sudden loss of lives in senseless acts of violence. We seek protection, strength and comfort in this time.

Make your presence be made known to all who grieve and your strength be with survivors, who will carry the memory of this moment in their minds. We remember all the people of Sri Lanka who carry within them the wounds of past conflict, as we pray for all who have experience horror and violence from acts of terror in our world.

Jesus, Prince of Peace, we remember your words to us that we pray for our enemies and all who would persecute us. We pray for the perpetrators of these acts of violence and brought fear and death to so many. Fill us with your Spirit of Peace so that our lives may not be dominated by anger and revenge but mirror your image in this world to be peacemakers and take the road of peaceful living wherever we are.

God of peace, show us through the example of Jesus, how to do justice, love mercy and kindness, and walk humbly in your presence. Rather than seek revenge, may we seek your justice, your way of life that renews and restores relationships in our world. May we not live in fear but walk in hope together.

[We make this prayer in Jesus’ name.]

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