Urgent Call from ERC Director to Contact Federal MPs to Help Afghan Refugees

Dear Friends

The latest news and images from Kabul are horrendous and deeply distressing to Afghan refugees who are here on Temporary Protection Visas or in immigration detention. 

I know that the feelings of powerlessness we can experience in such situations can be overwhelming.  However the reality is that you can take powerful and compassionate action NOW to help Afghan refugees and their families.

Please contact your Federal MP, asking them to urge the Morrison Government to:

- Grant permanent protection or citizenship to all Afghan people seeking asylum and refugee status currently living in Australia or in immigration detention

- Declare an intake of 20000 Afghan refugees (matching the Canadian commitment announced last night)

- Assist Afghan Australians with urgent family reunion applications for relatives who are in imminent danger


To be most effective, we need to act quickly and target Liberal and Nationals MPs in the Federal Parliament.

To find out the name of your Federal MP and  Senators, including which party they are from and how to contact them, click here and put in your postcode in the Search function.

If your Federal MP is a Liberal or Nationals Party member, call and/or email them, asking them to take action as outlined above.

If your Federal MP is not a Liberal or Nationals Party member, it is better to call and/or email one or more of the Liberal/Nationals Senators listed in your postcode search.

We have a very small window of time for effective action. Please help us and share this email with your networks.

Thank you for your essential support at this very difficult time.


Phil Glendenning


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