Voting for our Values - A Fair Deal for All

953714-1x1-700x700.jpgAs we prepare for the Federal Election we call to mind the values, which we hope will guide us at this time – human dignity, human rights, the common good, ecological responsibility, a fair deal for all, and preference for those ‘made’ poor. We know that global warming, the unprecedented number of people seeking asylum around the world, inequality, and economic injustices are clear challenges of our time.

NetAct - a Project of Catholic Social Justice, Welfare and Educational Agencies - has prepared this kit which we trust will assist you to consider which Parties/candidates would be most likely to work for structures and policies which would support these values and a sustainable way of living on the earth. A real challenge for us all.

Download here. 

Dutton must be reprimanded for his desperate fear mongering about refugees

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull must immediately reprimand Immigration Minister Peter Dutton over comments he made last night that refugees are uneducated, unemployable and at the same time “taking Australian jobs.”

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Provide the evidence of your claims Minister – or apologise

The Edmund Rice Centre has joined with the Refugee Council of Australia in calling for the Immigration Minister Peter Dutton to provide evidence for his serious allegations that refugee advocates have been inciting refugees to self-harm.

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A message to our leaders: Don’t blow the dog whistle this election

Australia’s leaders must not play dog whistle politics in response to yesterday’s announcement that the Manus Island detention centre will be closed by the Papua New Guinea Government. 

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COP21 Paris: Australia fails on real increase in support for most climate-vulnerable neighbours

The AUD Billion that Prime Minister Turnbull announced Australia will contribute over the next five years is not a new commitment and is not new money but will be drawn from the Government’s existing aid budget towards building climate resilience and reducing emissions.

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