Australian Human Rights Commission

This is a Government body led by the Australian Human Rights Commission President, Gillian Triggs.  (This is a five year term that began in July 2012.)  The website contains a lot of information and answers many questions on the rights of people seeking asylum and refugees.

The information can be accessed via the link: 

Amnesty International

Amnesty International performed an independent verification of the Nauru Files in Nauru between July and October 2016.  The findings are damning and the resulting report can be found via the following link:

Amnesty International, “Island of Despair: Australia’s ‘Processing’ of Refugees on Nauru”, Amnesty International, 17 October

ABC Four Corners

The ABC supported the Amnesty International Report “Island of Despair” with an investigative program aired for the first time on Monday 17 October 2016.  It can be viewed via the following link:

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

The Catholic Bishops released a statement on 13 October 2016 calling for the people transferred to Nauru and Manus Island, PNG to be brought to Australia.

Australian Parliamentary Library

This is a research and information gathering resource for the Australian Government on all issues pertaining to government.  The Social Policy Section has done extensive research on immigration including refugees and people seeking asylum.  Many of the available resources are summarised using the following link:

Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum

A group of Catholic organisations in support of people seeking asylum.

Refugee Council of Australia

Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) is a non-profit, non-government organisation.  RCOA is the national umbrella body for refugees and the organisations and individuals who support them.  The website contains much information about refugees and the work done in Australia by a number of different agencies.

The Guardian News Service

Commentary on immigration and asylum issues in Australia

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

For information regarding refugees and people seeking asylum worldwide, use the following link:

For information relating to work done in and by the Australian branch:



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