Transforming Society One Business at a Time

Preserving Jobs and Businesses in Challenging Times

Mainstream criticism of capitalism continues as its unethical foundations are exposed in the unequal way wealth is distributed and the planet's ecosystems destroyed. Crucially since the Global Financial Crisis (2007-2009) there have been no new policy initiatives to address these damaging effects of macro neo-liberal economics. In order to face this problem going forward we need to come to accept, as a society, that we are using the wrong business model - the extractive limited liability company.

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Universal Basic Income - Building a new future

It would seem that most people would prefer a society based on care rather than profit and yearn for work that serves their higher needs. We need to acknowledge that a hunger for respect, love, generosity and a sense of higher purpose to their lives is something many theories overlook.

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Soil, Soul, Society: A new trinity – not for realists or pragmatists

In the wake of increasing global climate catastrophes, the global population is progressively being forced into reforming the way that it functions. The need to create a new consciousness, focusing on our important relationship with the environment has become apparent. As people look to complex and intricate solutions to immediate problems, there are people who suggest a more holistic yet simpler response, considering three things, our environment, our selves, and our community.

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The interconnectedness of life, climate change and pandemics

In 2015, Pope Francis, in fundamental connection between the environmental crisis and the current social crisis. To remind us that Laudato si’, underlined the ‘everything is interconnected, he called for a personal and community ecological conversion.’

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Save lives or destroy them - Militarism and COVID-19

The threatening unprecedented global chaos is quietly informing us as to what needs to be done to create a better world. Many are asking what must we do. The call is to work cooperatively ‘to save humanity from massive global death and economic collapse rather than continue to devote $1.8 trillion a year to waging wars and engaging in vast military buildups with the goal of slaughtering one another?’

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