How my MP replied

Political parties put a great deal of effort into shaping their policies AND the way they communicate these policies to the community.

In our Edmund Rice Centre work for human rights, we often speak out on injustices or threats to human dignity. It is important for us to know how different Members of Federal Parliament are presenting issues to concerned members of their community. Such feedback not only tells us how messaging is being shaped, but also takes the pulse within any Party, to indicate who might be open to a quiet approach to listen, or even to sensitive dialogue.

An example of this is the way was the harsher days of the Howard Government response to asylum seekers. The refugee sector was able to engage with backbenchers, leading through quiet dialogue to those MP's being empowered to take back to their Federal Party-room, a clear call for reform of asylum policy.

Noone can provide the information to assist our advocacy work as effectively as local constituents. Your feedback to us is essential.

So, thanks in advance. A staff person will review your message soon, and if we have specific questions, we'll be in touch.

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