Happy Mother's Day

On Mother's Day we seek to express love, appreciation, and gratitude to the role of women in our society, often unacknowledged, for their unconditional love, support and sacrifices towards others. As this is a time for celebration in many places it is necessary to remember that it began with women who sought to bring peace across borders and recognised the humanity of women and men impacted by war. As we take the opportunity to honour and celebrate the women who have profoundly impacted on our lives, we must face the truth of the great suffering that women undergo in our country and around the world where there is domestic violence, war, civil discord, famine, and poverty.

The cry for peace with justice comes to us from all directions within our country, other countries, and the church and we must recognise those who come to bring wholeness to a broken world and seem equality despite obstacles and distinguish the sounds and voices of egoism, greed, consumerism and violence that silence the voices of the poor and creation from the deeper voice the Sacred. Mother’s Day cannot be celebrated in isolation from the necessary disruption called for where systems that invade or destroy the earth; that promote grasping and acquisitiveness; that make war or abuse the weak; that set themselves apart from others based on political and religious beliefs, race, sexuality or gender. We are called to listen – to listen to the voices of people to whatever pains, oppresses or threatens them. As we look to those who mother, we are called to be people who offer compassion, justice, tenderness and strength to those who are most vulnerable in our everyday lives.

Why Peace and Mother's Day go together

When first established Mother’s Day wasn't just about chocolates and flowers but was in fact a day that was deeply rooted in recognising the loss for mothers during times of conflict and war - in the case of Julia Ward Howe acknowledging the loss suffered by mothers during America’s civil war. Read more about at the following link: https://aadl.org/node/244535

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