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Refugees, people seeking asylum and migrants need our help

Tens of thousands of refugees, people seeking asylum, international students and migrants have been denied any emergency COVID support - and many now find themselves without a job. They have been forced into poverty, and several we have worked with have even been forced onto the streets.

At ERC, we have been fighting to bring their voices of refugees to the front, to ensure they get the best opportunity to prosper in their new land -  and also working tirelessly with our partners across the country, to ensure these now desperate people are able to at least get the basics to survive.

Farhad, who coordinates our work with refugees, people seeking asylum and vulnerable migrants. His ground-breaking research, community empowerment and community awareness projects are helping  thousands of refugees and humanitarian entrants settle into their new communities across Western and South-western Sydney and the lessons are reverberating around the country.

“COVID has been so difficult for the communities we work with. It’s been heartbreaking to hear their stories and situations. The impacts go beyond just financial, psycho-social stress, mental health issues, domestic violence have all grown rapidly.  We quickly pivoted to ensuring these newly vulnerable families could access the support they needed, but meeting their complex needs is a real struggle”      


In 2021, ERC will continue to the programs:

Refugee Mentoring Program -  supporting newly arrived Syrian, Iraqi, Afghan and Iranian refugees and humanitarians from situations of war and conflict to integrate into Australian society and find jobs as an integral aspect of their successful integration. In this program, our volunteer mentors work with individuals and their families from these communities to identify their concerns and expectations, understand their professional needs aspirations and assist them with finding a way forward to access the resources and services they need to achieve their short-term and long-term goals.

Refugee Employment Experience Study - investigating the employment experience of Syrian, Iraqi, Afghan and Iranian refugees and humanitarian entrants in Australia. The aim of the research is to give refugee job seekers a voice in policymaking around refugee employment programs. We hope to push the conversation around refugee employment and also government policy in this area in a more person-centred direction, sensitive to the needs and aspirations of refugees.

With your support we can ensure that refugees get their voices heard - and help them safely and effectively settle into our communities together.

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