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Help us make world leaders hear the urgent call from the Pacific

“What will happen to my children’s country? What am I leaving behind?” Kiribati father-of-two Erietera Aram speaks for all parents who worry about their children’s futures. And for children in low-lying Pacific countries like Kiribati and Tuvalu, their futures are at stake unless we act now on climate change.

Their very future as nations and their survival as peoples depends on the decisions made by countries like Australia.

We want to make sure the voices of young Pacific Islanders are heard at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in November this year. That's why the Pacific Calling Partnership is organising to send a delegation of advocates, including four young people from Kiribati and Tuvalu to demand more urgent action from countries like the US and Australia to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Your donation will help us fund this delegation so the world can hear and respond to their urgent call. Donation options:

  • Completing the online form on this page;
  • By making a cheque payable to Edmund Rice Centre for Justice; or
  • Making a direct deposit to Account Name ERC for Justice BSB 062 128 Account Number 10837229 


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