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The People of Afghanistan face an uncertain future

Can you help us provide pathways to protection?

The last year has been a challenge for everyone, the world over. However, treating people with basic dignity and humanity, through good times and bad, is a key to being a stronger community.

With the recent change in government, the situation in Afghanistan now is worse than at any other time in the 16 years the Edmund Rice Centre (ERC) has worked there.

Lives are in danger. Protection is more important now than it has ever been. Their stories are harrowing.

People have told us of the Taliban going door to door searching for people who have contacts with western countries, including Australia; of phones being checked to reveal western contacts, of arrests and disappearances; of women being ordered to stay away from school and work, and of whippings and shootings in the street.

Since the return of the Taliban in August, we have been in daily contact with people on the ground, working with them to get them to safety. In recent weeks ERC has assisted families to escape Afghanistan and safely to Brisbane. However, thousands remain in the country, desperate for resettlement and a place of safety.

You can help us continue to provide pathways to protection. 

With your support, ERC can continue to advocate for, and provide support to, Afghan people in need of protection, now during the Afghanistan emergency, and into the future. Some of those currently in danger have worked with ERC and other Australian organisations for many years. They have helped us, often at great risk to their safety, so now is the time for us to help them.

Can you donate today to help us ensure that Afghan people in danger are protected?

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Image credits:Photo 193707345 © Nijethorpe, Photo 229677383 © VVShots, Dreamstime.com