Justice Reflections From Fr. Claude

Fifth Sunday of the Year

The presence of

the incarnate word

shines at the heart

of all creation.

Teilhard de Chardin sj

Some years ago, Stephen Fry said in an interview that God is ‘…an evil, capricious, monstrous maniac - a bastard for having invented cancer and insects that burrow into children’s eyes. Because God is the creator of everything and all-powerful, God should/could do something to change the situation’. Many people speak of 2023 as year that was challenging as they faced loss, illness, and anxiety. For many, hope seemed elusive. No doubt we all know what it feels to be broken-hearted and sometimes despairing. Jesus shows us a God, not a distant uncaring observer, but who listens and sees, and suffers alongside people, builds bridges and is close to the broken-hearted (Psalm). This God is not aligned with those in power, who abuse power, who make war on the innocent, and who build walls rather than bridges.

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Fostering vibrant communities

Last week, The Edmund Rice Centre was honoured to help organize and take part in a heartwarming community gathering for newly arrived refugee families from Afghanistan. The primary goal was to establish connections among these families and lay the foundation for a strong community-based support system. The event was organized in an informal, family, and child-focused manner, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It was truly inspiring to witness the power of community coming together to support those who have recently arrived and are navigating the challenges of a new life.

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On Jan 26 - why truth-telling is at the core of our Australian future

Opinion Piece, ‘Alopi Latukefu, Director Edmund Rice Centre

‘Truth will set us free’. (Book of John 8:32).

As our country prepares to commemorate January 26th 2024 once again as our national day, it is time for a renewed discussion on how and when we celebrate being Australian. This year offers an opportunity to begin a process of healing as a nation following last year’s referendum experience. A renewed approach to truth-telling, which the Uluru Statement from the Heart called for, is much needed in this post-referendum age.

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