Compassionate sovereign borders

With the arrival of a group of individuals in Western Australia on 16 February 2024, political parties have once again begun dehumanizing people and treating them as pawns in their political games. Such cruel and inhumane policies do not reflect the values of Australians. The Edmund Rice Centre advocates for a compassionate approach to resolving this issue. We strongly oppose indefinite offshore detention. Externalizing Australia’s asylum obligations has undermined the rights of those seeking safety and protection, leading to serious harm to their physical and mental health.

The sustainable hour

Thanks to The Sustainable Hour podcast for having us on the show and making the time & space to talk about our Pacific climate advocacy work and all things pertaining to climate justice.

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Reflections from Fr Claude

Third Sunday of Lent

In John’s gospel the cleansing of the temple occurs at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. The Temple was central to Judaism. It was the focal point of the nation and its way of life – its worship and music, its politics and society, its national celebration and mourning. This was the place God had promised to live amongst the people.

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