A conversation with Hon Ralph Regenvanu and Hon Seve Paeniu

A Juster(ER) Generation is a podcast series from the Edmund Rice Centre about conversations that matter.

In the Pilot Episode of A Just(ER) Generation, join Director of the Edmund Rice Centre 'Alopi Latukefu, Hon Ralph Regenvanu, and the Hon Seve Paeniu, in a conversation on Climate Change in the Pacific.

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Is Australia really listening to the Pacific?

Webinar by The Australia Institute in partnership with The Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education

Given the existential threat that rising sea levels and increasing extreme weather events pose to their communities, Pacific Island nations have been some of the most vocal advocates for climate action and, more specifically, an end to fossil fuel production. The Australian Government wishes to host a UN Climate Conference in ‘partnership’ with the Pacific in 2026. But it is unclear whether Australia – as the world’s third largest fossil fuel exporter – is taking the calls of Pacific nations seriously.

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Justice Reflections From Fr. Claude

Trinity Sunday

Reflections for the Solemnity of the Trinity

A remnant from the Covid-19 pandemic are the markers on footpaths, outside cafes, pubs, restaurants, offices, and railway stations indicating where people had to distance ourselves from one another to prevent infection. Called ‘social distancing’ it would have been more appropriate to call it ’physical’ or ’spatial’ distancing. Social distancing suggests a distancing that is ‘heart’ related and has a violent connotation. It has been implemented against people considered unacceptable or nuisances such asylum seekers, people who are poor, homeless, unemployed, and sexually diverse. It justifies avoidance and neglect in different ways. 

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