Resources on the upcoming referendum for the Voice to parliament

As our nation moves towards a historic referendum on Indigenous Constitutional Recognition and a Voice to Parliament, we at the Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education are stepping up our efforts to provide resources and encourage engagement in the process of building support for a Yes Vote. We have produced a Resource Kit with information and links to significant websites.

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Refugees and racism: now is not the time to be silent

By Phil Glendenning

When Edmund Rice opened the North Richmond Street School in Dublin, Irish independence leader Daniel O'Connell laid the foundation stone watched by some hundred thousand people. It was an amazing crowd given that Dublin's entire population in 1828 was only a few hundred thousand. Clearly, Edmund was engaged in the world. His was not a cloistered faith. He saw the unjust Penal Laws of Ireland and their impact on the poor.

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Justice Reflections From Fr. Claude

Thirteenth Sunday of the Year

The Word of God today challenges us to broaden our minds, widen our horizons, enlarge our hearts, and stretch our capacity to love. We need to be alert and open to God’s presence even in the most unlikely places and people. Jesus today wants to shake the disciples into asking themselves if they are ready for what he is asking. Jesus clearly stated, "You must take up your cross and follow me" and watching him would have indicated what he meant.  His approach was to see with the eyes of a prophet, to see from God’s perspective. He saw the gaps between the reality of the present moment and what could be despite the cost.  

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