A New Beginning - Edmund Rice Centre Statement in Support for A Voice to Parliament

The classic image of Australia as a new and young country of opportunity and promise is an illusion. We are not a young country. We have history, languages, cultures, lore and traditions going back tens of millennia. We live in diverse places across the continent which historically recognised hundreds of First Nations. We, as Australians should all be proud to have a direct lineage to the world’s oldest, continuous culture and civilisation. We are a country whose very earth and land formation speak to deep time, history, mythology and dreaming. What we can agree on is that we are a country of opportunity.

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Justice Reflections From Fr. Claude

First Sunday in Lent

’Who do you think you are?’ Today we return to our origins and remember who we are, how we are meant to be. We see where life was meant to be shared [Genesis], God's word was perverted and God’s image in people (others and ourselves) was disfigured and maimed. We are inundated with competing ideas about life, how to live, and many distortions of God’s image. 

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Hello from new ERC Director 'Alopi Latukefu

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