Sydney Palm Sunday Rally 2024

Yesterday, the Edmund Rice Centre participated in the Palm Sunday Rally, an annual event that holds great significance for our community. This year, our focus was on advocating for a permanent ceasefire in Palestine, a lasting solution for the 10,000 refugees living in limbo for the past 12 years, and urgent action on the climate crisis.
The speakers at the rally highlighted the humanitarian catastrophes in Palestine, including starvation and the bombardment of hospitals, emphasising the urgent need for change. It is disheartening to witness the destruction of the birthplace of Jesus on Palm Sunday, a day that symbolises hope and renewal.
The cruel policies by successive government that have caused immense pain and suffering to refugees seeking safety was stressed. It was a reminder to all that Jesus himself was once a refugee. Palm Sunday commemorates the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, where he was greeted by cheering crowds waving palm branches, according to the Bible.
Let us use this day to reflect on the values of compassion, justice, and peace, and commit to taking meaningful action to address the pressing issues facing our world today.

International Women's Day webinar: Let Her Learn- Empowering women and girls through education

A discussion about empowering women and girls through education, with particular reference to women's experiences in Afghanistan and Iran. Speakers included Azam Sadeghpour, spokesperson for the Iranian Women's Association Australia, Najeebah Wasefadost, Founder Global Refugee Network, Rita Anwari, Founder and President of Women Empowerment and Leadership and Andree Brown, Executive Director of Edmund Rice Community Services.


Happy NAWRUZ to all those celebrating especially to the Afghan and Iranian communities where it’s widely celebrated.

Yesterday, the Edmund Rice Centre, alongside the Iranian and Afghan communities, celebrated NAWRUZ and Harmony Day at NSW Parliament. The event aimed to honor diversity and multiculturalism in Australia, fostering a sense of belonging for everyone. Nawruz, meaning "new day" in Farsi, symbolizes nature's rebirth and is celebrated as the first day of spring, marking the year 1403 in the Hijri Shamsi (Solar) calendar. It holds special significance in Afghanistan, Iran, and Central Asian countries like Tajikistan. Sadly, the Taliban has banned Nawruz in Afghanistan, deeming it un-Islamic.

The celebration included a panel discussion addressing the dire human rights situations in Afghanistan and Iran. Panelists shared insights and proposed solutions, with participants engaging in a Q&A session.

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