Phil Glendenning - Speech to Eureka Commemoration Dinner

We gather at a particularly difficult and uncertain point internationally: Brexit has happened and Donald Trump is no longer a loud brash badly behaved host of a bad reality TV show. This is the so-called “post-truth” era, or as Christos Tsiolkas describes it, a time of “willed ignorance”. It’s a worry.

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The Howard Government’s Neoliberal Project: The Continuation of the Colonial Modernisation Agenda - Nina Evason

This paper from University of Queensland student, Nina Evason, discusses Australian Indigenous Public Policy under the Howard Government from 1996-2007. 

This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in understanding why Australian Indigenous public policy has repeatedly failed to appropriately address Aboriginal disadvantage.


Four Corners and Amnesty International report revelations must be the final straw

Last night’s episode of Four Corners and the release of a major report by Amnesty International must be the final straw for Australia’s offshore processing policies.

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