Justice Reflections From Fr. Claude Mostowik

Second Sunday of the Year

Many people often feel they are running on empty. It is as if they have nothing left to give whether to a sick parent or spouse or child, or respond with kindness and compassion to people who are poor or marginalised, or believe that peace is possible. But more often it is people who are poor or marginalised who the ones who are running on empty. ‘The wine has run out.’

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COP26, Climate and the Pacific: the Cry of Earth, A Call to Action

In the run-up to the global climate summit "COP26" in November 2021, the world's top Christian leaders - Pope Francis, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the spiritual leader of Orthodox Christians - have issued a joint appeal for delegates to "listen to the Cry of Earth" and make sacrifices to save the planet.

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COP26 wins/losses and implications for future Pacific climate advocacy

COP26 is now over and we all want to know what was achieved and where to from here for our beautiful Pacific region. Facilitated by ERC Director Phil Glendenning, this webinar was an opportunity to hear directly from a number of Pacific Islander COP26 delegates, including Mr Maina Talia (Tuvalu Climate Action Network), Ms Iemaima Vaai (Pacific Conference of Churches) and Mr Lavetanalagi Seru (Pacific Islands Climate Action Network), as well as lead Fiji COP26 Negotiator on loss and damage Ms Siobhan McDonnell.

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